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Cherie Ann L.

"My son and I both love the lessons. It's as if we were in quicksand, and someone's thrown us a rope and a smile."

Sydney K.

"I love that you can never fall behind! You determine the pace, so you never feel overwhelmed."

Nettie R.

"I knew that belong would be good - I didn't expect the absolutely amazing program it's turned out to be."

At belong, we take what we do seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Everyone learns better when they're laughing. And there's a reason Jennifer was nominated for Disney's American Teacher of the Year. Be it in fake model shoots, in a chef's hat, with a stegosaurus, or eating uncooked pasta, there's nothing she won't do to entertain your heart while opening your mind.


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72 Videos

(and counting)

Bursting with clear ideas and heartfelt "light bulb" moments, every video lesson is creatively imagined and taught by Jennifer herself.

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Easy-to-Use Downloads

If learning isn't fun at any age, you're doing it wrong. These activities reinforce concepts using art, movement, poetry, science, and more.

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Exclusive Excerpts

Curated and positioned to support new ideas, you'll access to favorite clips from all seven of Jennifer's award-winning bestselling series and memoir.

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Our Members'-Only Library Covers

  • an insider's portrait of neurodiversity
  • conquering anxiety - the nemesis of awesomeness
  • emotional regulation
  • diagnosis: yes? no? maybe?
  • social skills
  • mindfulness
  • self-talk
  • attention & focus
  • organization
  • communication hacks
  • rigid thinking
  • sensory smarts
  • friendships - starting them, keeping them, understanding them
  • the power of special interests
  • self-harm alternatives
  • girls, women, and the uniqueness of "autism in heels"
  • impulse control
  • following & understanding directions
  • knowing what you don't know
  • seeing-eye friends
  • with new content EVERY MONTH
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It will reopen in early December.


Jennifer is personally involved in every aspect of belong. By restricting memberships to closed cycles, she can focus all of her attention on belong's amazing members.

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